Drivers Headed Up I-80 Surprised by Winter-Like Storm, Snow in May

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SODA SPRINGS – At this time of year, people traveling up Interstate 80 were surprised by the amount of snow they encountered Saturday near Soda Springs.

“I did not expect it in May,” said Kenneth Dickson, traveling from San Jose.

More than a foot of snow piled up along the roadways.

“I expect this kind of thing in December, snow going sideways,” Dickson said.

Drivers who made their way up I-80, pulled over to take in the winter blast hitting the Sierra with a fresh coat of powder.

“I didn’t expect this much snow,” said Bob Cerceo. “I knew it was going to be cold, but I was hoping for rain the whole way.”

“With more than two feet of snow expected over the weekend, people in the area have already started to have a little fun by building snowmen.

Danny Samuroo and his son James are in the middle of a one-month road trip.

They stopped at a rest stop along I-80 to take photos.

“No, no I didn’t expect to see snow,” Danny, who is traveling from Virginia, said.

“I miss the snow being from Texas you don’t really get snow,” James stated.

While some drivers say they came prepared for bad weather, they have advice for others venturing up the mountain during this winter-like storm.

“I always travel with chains and extra clothes,” Cerceo said. “Go slow and I follow trucks, they are great drivers but just keep a safe distance, “

“It’s front-wheel drive all seasons, I’m going 50 down the mountain,” Dickson said.

Snow is expected until Monday.


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