(KTXL) — As the days get colder, drivers are likely to find their vehicles with foggy windshields in the mornings.

For the early risers, some days may even start with finding a layer of ice on the windshield, but what is a driver to do in these moments? Blast the heat? Use the wipers? Wait for more sunlight?

It’s a question that drivers ask themselves every year when it starts getting cold, and a recent conversation in the Sacramento Reddit page provides some answers from drivers, for drivers.

Some users recommend spending a few minutes in the car with the heater or defroster on, emphasizing that this shouldn’t be done with the car left alone, as another person can take the vehicle.

A trick that several users mentioned is running the AC, whether it is hot or cold air, since this setting dries out the air, removing the fogginess from the inside of the windshield faster.

There are recommendations for removing the fog in a more analog and old-fashioned way, such as using a towel or an old shirt, but take note that this will also build up some grime on the fabric.

For the condensation on the outside of the windshield, pouring water with a pitcher or with a hose can clear up the view, and one user even mentioned leaving towels on the windshield overnight, using them to quickly wipe away the water in the mornings.

Other users mentioned keeping a squeegee inside the car if condensation is a regular thing where they live.

But it’s not as easy when the water has turned to ice. For those times, there are other options.

Some people mention using an item with a flat side that can scrape it away, like a credit card or license, or purchasing something specifically for this purpose and whose name says it all — an ice scraper.

Several users agreed that it is not a good idea to use the wipers, as this can damage the motors if the wipers are stuck in the ice.

If any of these options to remove the fogginess, water or ice are not available or don’t work, one user recommended something that may not work for those in a hurry — be patient.