(KTXL) — Graupel and a hail mixture were seen falling from the sky in the Sacramento Metropolitan area, according to the National Weather Service.

After receiving multiple reports regarding frozen precipitation in the Sacramento area, the NWS has confirmed that it is not snowing.

According to the NWS, it is graupel and/or a hail mixture falling since the temperatures are still in the low 50s.

Meteorologist Kristina Werner also confirmed that the frozen precipitation is most likely a mixture of graupel and/or hail.

Werner also stated that weather like this is not uncommon in the area. The Sacramento Metropolitan area can see graupel and hail mixtures.

What is graupel?

According to the NWS, graupel is snow that melts and becomes supercooled as it falls through a warm surface and forms ice pellets. Graupel is softer than hail, which is pure ice formed in thunderstorms.