PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — A late spring storm brought fresh snow to the Sierra.

With snowballs in hand, J. R. and Carmen Beruman​, who are from the Bay Area, made Thursday a day of fun. The two stopped at a gas station in Cisco Grove at around 5,600 feet where snow fell all day long.

“I haven’t seen snow in a long time. Last time she seen snow she was 8?” said driver J. R. Beruman, referring to Carmen.

And that’s why the pair knew they could not leave without making a snowman.

“This just brought me back from my childhood. It’s been a while and I feel good right now, that’s all I can say,” said J. R. Berumen.

While some drivers had fun and made the best of the unusual April weather, Caltrans said drivers needed to take the road conditions seriously.

“The roads are very wet and icy, and so you cannot be driving 65 mph on I-80. The speed limit during chain control is 30 mph,” said Caltrans spokesperson Raquel Borrayo. “So if you slow down for the weather conditions, you’re going to get to your destination safely and you’re going to keep our employees safe on the road.”

Even before daylight, crews set up checkpoints requiring chains for most vehicles headed to the summit.

“This is my outfit for the snow right here,” said truck driver Reggie Picks who was dressed in a jacket and shorts.

While Picks may not have been dressed for snow, he made sure his truck was ready, ensuring his tire chains were secured.

“We prepared, we ready. No rush, being safe,” said Picks. “Stopped here to get some fuel and then we’re going to head on up the hill. We’re on our way.”

It was a positive attitude echoed by J. R. and Carmen Berumen before they drove down the mountain.

“We got our chains on. Took us 30 minutes to install them, but we got it done. We’ll hopefully get home safely and we’ll be good,” said J. R. Berumen.