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SACRAMENTO — The storm is keeping SMUD, PG&E and city maintenance crews busy clearing fallen trees out of roadways and utility lines.

“I really can’t get my car out, hopefully it’ll get taken care of,” said Blong Yang, who was late for an appointment after his neighbor’s tree fell into his driveway. “Woke up this morning, wife was like ‘hey the tree across the street came down…’ And I’m surprised it didn’t get none of my vehicles, but it was pretty close. But man it really tore up that vehicle across the street.”

The ruined vehicle is a van Brandon Blanco used to take his family around in.

“It’s had a few miles on it, it’s been across country, it’s a seven passenger van where it takes the whole family and stuff, so we’ll miss that, but nothing lasts forever,” Blanco told FOX40.

He said that what’s worse is the ruined car in front of his own is his uncle’s. But he’s glad none of his kids were hurt.

“Because of the rain, people were inside and it happened early enough where nobody got hurt,” he said.

“I come out and boom there it was, a tree,” said Karl Starks, whose backyard the tree that fell was rooted in.

They were roots he thought would keep the pine tree up. But now that it’s over, he can see that wasn’t the case.

“I thought they were deeper than that, but they are pretty shallow,” he said.

Elsewhere in Sacramento, more delays from falling trees. On Seventh near Capitol Avenue, fallen branches stopped light rail service while crews cut up and cleaned out the debris.

A few blocks away at Third and S, another tree fell into phone lines and blocked Third as SMUD restored service.

While Starks is glad to finally get rid of this pine tree, he warns others to not waste time and get sick or dead trees down before the storm does it for them. Next time he fears, vehicles may not be the only casualty.

“Sure glad no one was hurt, glad it was early enough in the morning where no children were out playing or anything like that,” Starks said.