(KTXL) — With near-freezing temperatures expected across the Central Valley throughout the rest of the week, the National Weather Service is advising residents to protect the three “P’s.”

The NWS describes the three “P’s” as people, plants and pets.

In order for people to stay protected during freezing temperatures, they should dress in layers and cover any exposed skin. People should also limit their time outdoors in the cold.

The NWS says that if anyone is participating in outdoor activities they should avoid wearing cotton because it takes a while to dry. Outfits should be water-repellent, hooded and tightly woven. Hats should also be worn because “40% of your body heat can be lost from your head.”

Pets should also limit their time outdoors and be brought inside a warm environment. They should have access to both food and water indoors.

After walks, dogs should be dried off in order to remove any ice from their fur or paw pads. Putting petroleum jelly on paw pads can help protect dogs from salt or other chemical agents. Dogs can also wear booties to protect their paws.

The ASPCA says that dogs’ hair should not be shaved down during the winter because a longer coat will help keep them warm. Dogs with short coats should wear a sweater or coat with a high collar for more protection from the cold.

The ASPCA reminds people that if it is too cold outside for them, it is too cold outside for pets. Animals that are left outdoors can “freeze, become disoriented, lost, stolen, injured or killed.”

Sensitive plants should be brought inside as well. Plants that are left outdoors should be covered.