Locals Prepare for Expected Triple-Digit Heatwave in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO – Friday was a typical summer day, temperature-wise in the valley, but that will change dramatically beginning Saturday.

Those who normally spend the weekend outdoors are adjusting their plans for the mini heatwave forecasted for the weekend.

Many people said they would deal with the hot weather as it comes, knowing that weather forecasts can be wrong.

But many others will be taking precautions or making alternate plans for the weekend.

There are tried-and-true strategies to beat the heat that is on the way. You can expect local pools and water features to get plenty of action this weekend.

That goes for local rivers and lakes as well and that’s a source of concern for those who respond to rescues or drownings.

“We have these rivers, they are beautiful, they could cool you off but they are definitely dangerous,” said Keith Wade, Captain of the Sacramento Fire Department.

Sacramento Fire Department paramedics know all about the health hazards of hot temperatures. The biggest mistake people make is not adjusting their schedules for high exertion activities.

“Hydrate early, go out early in the morning to participate in these types of things, or go to a gym that’s air conditioned, Wade said.

Some parents say they’ll keep their kids inside or limit play time to the cooler morning hours.

Seniors are at risk as well. The city of Citrus Heights, which has a big senior population, says it will operate its senior center as a cooling center from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. this weekend, when temperatures are expected to be at their highest.

“It’s a nice alternative for people who don’t have access to air conditioning, or their air conditioning is broken, we’ll have cool water available internet access,” said Katherine Cooley, Assistant City Manager of Citrus Heights

Karen Dresbach has used the cooling center before.

“It’s also necessary for seniors because they have difficulty breathing and they can’t stand the heat,” she said.

But some cities like Sacramento don’t open cooling centers unless they expect three or more days of triple-digit temperatures.

James Forte was playing this afternoon with his grandson Jordon at William Land Park.

Friday wasn’t so bad for Forte, but he isn’t waiting around for tomorrow’s heat.

“My plan is to get out of Sacramento,” he said. “Go up to the mountains where it’s a little bit cooler.”

But for those who don’t have the luxury of time or money, they will have to make do with what’s available.

Of course many public pools or water features close in the afternoon around four or five when the temperatures are at their highest but it’s better than nothing at all.


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