(KTXL) — A 3.6 magnitude earthquake woke up residents in the area of El Cerrito on Saturday morning, according to reports from the United States Geological Survey.

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The “notable quake” began at 3:39 a.m. at a depth of 5.8 kilometers or 3.6 miles along the Hayward Faultline, which passes through the cities of Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward and Fremont, according to the USGS.

In the Sacramento area, two responses in Sacramento said they “lightly” felt the earthquake, one person in Davis and another just outside of El Dorado Hills said the same.

So far 7,755 responses have come in saying they felt the quake at some level.

According to the USGS, the last major earthquake to occur along the Hayward Fault was on Oct. 21, 1868 of an unknown magnitude.

At the time it was name the “great San Francisco earthquake” as it was the 12th most lethal earthquake in state history with 30 recorded deaths. There was an estimated property loss of $350,000 in 1868 dollars ($7.3 million in 2022 dollars).

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake of 1906 would take the title of the “great San Francisco earthquake.”