Redding residents could see aurora this weekend thanks to strong solar flare


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A solar flare was released from the sun Thursday and is expected to reach Earth by Saturday.

Coronal mass ejections or CMEs are massive clouds of particles that are pushed out into space from the sun’s atmosphere. This CME has been classified as G3 or strong. These usually result in GPS issues, satellite disruptions and mid-latitude auroras.

Earth’s magnetic field protects us from being physically affected on the ground, but the charged particles do interact with our atmosphere to produce auroras.

The sun’s particles get deflected towards the poles by our magnetic field. This is why auroras are known as the Northern Lights.

When strong solar flares occur, auroras can be seen further south.

In this case, it may be possible to see the aurora as far south as Raleigh, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City and Redding on Saturday night.

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