(FOX40.COM) — Fall has officially begun, but summer-like temperatures are coming back to Northern California for several days.

This past Sunday, a National Weather Service meter had a reading of 71°F, the coolest day in the city since May 10, when the temperature was the same.

The NWS also shows windy conditions across most of Northern California through Tuesday this week, providing relief from the sun, but presenting concerns about fires.

The previous weeks had below-average temperatures for this time of year, but a new ridge is moving in, shifting weather conditions to above average, and it’s about to get hotter.

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The rise started on Monday, with the Sacramento region seeing temperatures rise into the high 70s and low 80s, followed by Tuesday’s temperatures, which are expected to reach around 84 degrees, according to the FOX40 Weather Forecast.

In the coming days, the Sacramento area could see temperatures as high as the mid-90s, with the peak on Friday and Saturday.

By the following Monday, temperatures will cool down again, possibly reaching below 80°F.