(KTXL) — A storm that hit California Saturday night and early Sunday morning knocked down trees and powerlines, leaving more than 300,000 people without power in Sacramento County and surrounding counties.

At one point, close to 350,000 people were without power overnight. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District, the main electricity provider in the area, reported more than 200,000 customers that have yet to have power restored.

In a Sunday afternoon news conference, state officials including the governor said that they are in contact with President Joe Biden and are requesting that his administration make an emergency declaration so that California can get full support from the federal government in the recovery from the recent storms and to be better prepared for upcoming ones.

The director of the state’s office of emergency services said that the recent storm is the fifth one to hit the state since Dec. 27 and that a stronger one is expected starting Sunday evening that will continue into Tuesday.

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The weekend storm hit California after several days of relatively calm weather following another windy storm mid-week.

The storms are a series of atmospheric rivers — large formations of water vapor over the ocean that turn into rain and snow once they hit land — that have hit the state since Dec. 27.

Although the state has been in severe drought conditions for several years, so much precipitation in so little time presents just as much trouble as it does benefits.

Several communities had to be evacuated after a New Year’s weekend storm, Santa Cruz County and the Bay Area were thrashed in a later storm, and multiple deaths connected to the storms have been reported since the New Year, including a woman in Sacramento that died when a tree fell on her on Saturday night.

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State officials declared a state of emergency due to the storms and the flooding risks that they pose.

Throughout the Sacramento region, overnight winds as high as 60 miles per hour knocked down dozens of trees and palms.

A High Wind Warning has been issued for the Sacramento area and the Sierra Nevada foothills from midnight to 2 p.m. on Monday when the National Weather Service forecasts strong winds with gusts up to 65 miles per hour.

Another storm is expected to hit the state over the next two days, with the brunt of it coming Monday evening into Tuesday.

In anticipation of the storm, Sacramento County officials issued an evacuation warning for the community of Wilton, one of the harder hit areas in the New Year’s weekend storm.

Officials are urging residents to leave the area before the next storm hits, when its expected that more downed trees and power lines will make it difficult to leave the area.