(KTXL) — Following an abnormally cool start to the month of May, the Sacramento area can expect temperatures to reach into the 90s from Saturday to Tuesday, with a low chance that they reach 100 degrees, according to the National Weather Service and the FOX40 Weather Center.

As the weekend approaches, Sacramento is forecasted to warm up, with a high of 87 degrees on Friday.

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On Saturday, the city is expected to have a high of 94 degrees, followed by a high of 92 on Sunday, a high of 90 on Monday and a high of 92 on Tuesday. 

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service say there’s a chance temperatures could reach 100 degrees over the weekend. 

How to stay cool

With the drastic change in the temperatures in Northern California, the NWS is advising people to practice heat safety over the weekend:

•Drink water and hydrate
•Wear sun protection
•Limit outdoor activities
•Check on children, pets and the elderly

The NWS says the level of heat is a moderate risk for people in heat-sensitive groups. Officials say to stay in a cool place when the heat is at its peak.