(FOX40.COM) — The National Weather Service has confirmed that they are highly confident of a significant storm bringing rain to the valley and snow to the Sierra at the start of next week.

Since Monday, the NWS has been tracking the storm system but was unsure of its severity and if it would impact the Sacramento region.

As of Wednesday afternoon, it is confirmed that widespread heavy rainfall in the valley and significant snowfall could occur as low as 5,000 feet in the Sierra.

The window for this storm is Nov. 13 to Nov. 15 with the possibility of over one inch of rain accumulating over a 48 hour period in the valley.

In the Sierra, the NWS is predicting that as much as one foot of snow will accumulate in a 48 hour period.

The NWS is still unsure exactly how much rain and snow will fall and the exact hours of when these weather events will begin and cease.