SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Spare the Air issued an alert for the Sacramento area as air quality is expected to become unhealthy on Thursday. 

The air quality is expected to have an AQI of 133, which is unhealthy for sensitive groups. An extended outlook on Spare the Air shows the unhealthy conditions are expected to stick around as late as Sunday. 

Spare the Air explained that the heat will contribute to creating unhealthy conditions, and light-to-calm winds will do little to alleviate them.

The temperature on Thursday is expected to reach 105 degrees in the Sacramento metropolitan area. The triple-digit temperatures will stick around and peak over the weekend. 

AQI is split into six different levels of health concern and is labeled in different colors. 

Here are the six AQI values: 

  • 0 to 50, good, green
  • 51 to 100, moderate, yellow
  • 101 to 150, unhealthy for sensitive groups, orange
  • 151 to 200, unhealthy, red
  • 201 to 300, very unhealthy, purple
  • 301 to 500, hazardous, maroon