(KTXL) — With colder-than-normal temperatures expected across Northern California along with rain in the Sacramento Valley and snow both in the mountains and lower foothills, snow could be possible in areas closer to Sacramento.

While snow could be possible, the National Weather Service states that “little or no snow accumulation is expected” during this time.

According to meteorologist Kristina Werner, in order for it to snow in Sacramento, it must be 32 degrees or colder when it rains, since Sacramento is only 30 feet above sea level.

Although the temperature in the Sacramento area can sometimes reach as low as the mid 30s, it is unusual for it to dip to 32 degrees or even lower, and it is even more unusual for this to happen at the same time that it rains.

The last time the Sacramento area saw snow was in December 2009. While the snow was seen throughout the area, the NWS states there was no measurable amount of snow in the area.

According to the NWS, the last time there was measurable snow in the Sacramento area was in 1976 when 2 inches of snow was recorded.