(KTXL) — With rain possibly expected Sunday through Tuesday in the Sacramento area, fire season is expected to slow down as a result.

According to the FOX40 Weather Center, Sunday there will be a chance of showers with a high of 70 degrees and an overnight low of 59 degrees. Monday there is a chance for rain and scattered thunderstorms with a high of 74 degrees and with another overnight low of 59 degrees.

In 2021, firefighters had to divert from the Caldor Fire due to fires that started from lightning in heavy storm cells that passed through El Dorado County.

According to the National Weather Service, the forecast for rain is about .5” – 1”. While this is not a major storm, it will wet the roads and make this slick. This storm will not end the fire season. However, it will slow the season down. In order for the fire season to end, we would need to see multiple storms in the area.

According to the National Weather Service, fuels are still dry and there will be warm dry weather following the rain.